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Published 05/رمضان/1435 Updated on 25/شوال/1435

Chic Trends for the Luxury Home Owner

Luxury is about more than just lavishness. New trends have emerged in the luxury home market that put special attention on the comfort of the owner by turning a home into an oasis.    

The Smart Home
Roll down the shades, adjust the lights or temperature, lock the doors and turn on the bubbles in the hot tub – home automation is the new hot thing. Now everything can be controlled with just a touch of a button on your smartphone.  

Wine Room
For the wine aficionado, this is a great way to keep your bottles perfectly stored and to enjoy them more often. For those whose worlds don’t revolve around a nice cabernet, a wine room is still a great place to entertain and show others how to live in the lap of luxury!  

Home Gyms
Convenience is something everyone will splurge on. What’s more motivating and efficient than your own private gym right down the hall?  

Spa Bathrooms
Make your bathroom your primary retreat with the works. Each area is personalized to the sexes with vanities, bidets and urinals, heated floors and towel bars, saunas, steam showers, soaking tubs, and showers that simulate monsoon rains.  

Outdoor Space
The popularity of an opulent yard is fading, but great views have always been an attribute of a luxury home. Rooftop decks and terraces take advantage of views and an outdoor space that is low upkeep and useable for entertainment needs of a luxury owner.  

Luxury finishes everywhere.
Nothing is more lavish than the kind of expert craftsmanship that allows an entire wall to be claimed by the natural beauty of rare wood or rock that continues flawlessly from floor to wall to ceiling. Marble is the new luxury finish and onyx is the new accent stone.    

Luxury homebuyers are saying they see the light – through their windows. A home without lots of natural light is simply sub-par in today’s luxury home market, oversized, floor to ceiling windows are common now, as are ceiling windows. 

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