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Real Estate Professional in St. George, Utah United States
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Heidi Moss

Real Estate Professional
Real Estate Professional in St. George, Utah United States

Being a mother, a wife, and an advocate for her clients are at the core of who Heidi Moss is. Born and raised in the heart of the Columbia Basin in Washington state - an agricultural hub of the United States - Heidi grew up farming and working in fields from a young age. Working and packing for farmers was hard yet rewarding, hands-on work. In her opinion, it was the best place she could grow up and develop the dedicated and driven work ethic she has today.

Heidi had been working in insurance for 20 years when, in 2005, she found herself at a crossroads. She had a decision to make; was she going to become the person she knew she was destined to be, or keep doing what was expected of her? Feeling the pull that something greater was calling her, the desire to take control of her destiny grew louder each day. She ultimately took a leap of faith to follow her dreams and never looked back.

Heidi loves the search, the pounce, and the competition in the real estate business - but what keeps her getting up day after day is seeing her clients sitting across the desk, finally signing the line to buy or sell their home. The waves of relief and excitement overcoming the client, and the plans being made for their new future are the culmination of a joint effort and are so rewarding. Being a part of such a monumental event in a person’s life gives Heidi a sense of fulfillment. The fact that they choose her to be part of it is truly a privilege.

Heidi is not one to beat around the bush. She is up-front, realistic and honest with her clients from the beginning. She will always stick to the truth and tell it like it is, even if what she has to tell them isn’t ideal. Heidi meets and attacks her challenges head on - if you aren't prepared for forthright and frank answers, she may not be the realtor for you.

If Heidi had to pick a dream client it would be a single parent like she was, trying to attain a home and safe haven to raise their kids, so they can secure their ‘now’ as well as their future. A home is so much more than a house, it is the prospect of putting a safe a stable roof over your childrens’ heads. Heidi knows intimately the stress, fears and tears of being a single parent. She understands the feeling of knowing you cannot fail or let your kids down. It's a dream client no matter if she’s finding that family an apartment or a million-dollar estate, because a home is so much more than that.

When she’s not crushing the real estate business, which is rare since it is a 24/7, ‘round-the-clock’ occupation, Heidi will meet her husband in the mountains for a day off, take a spontaneous trip to Zion National Park, or just cuddle up with her girls and watch a movie. She wants to learn Mandarin Chinese one day, so she can understand what her daughters, who both speak it, are talking about in front of her. It’s the simple things in life that bring Heidi joy.

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